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Late August Ride Leads to GearHeads

At the Late August BBC meeting a ride through the Holy Hill area lead by Kevin Howard was enjoyed by all. The meeting, which started at Schlossmann Motorcycles of Milwaukee gave BBC members and friends the chance to see tons of bikes and a stunt show. The final destination at GearHeads Pub allowed all to eat some great food and drink while enjoying the great weather.--- Dave, TheWebGuy

BBC/ABATE Run Hosts a Weekend of Riding Fun Story and photo by BBC Member Pauline Forrest

The June 1 BBC ABATE run started from my home in Shawano and was a good success. Rudy and Mary Wheeler, Mariann White and Marj Inman arrived on Friday and we went to the Coachlight for a fish fry. Saturday, we all, including a friend of mine Rich set out for a 60 mile ride through the northwest area of Shawano and Menominee counties. The morning looked like rain but we did get the ride in without any. By the time we arrived back at my home, Dave Coppens, new member Craig Schmidt, Rick Becker and his friend Mark and Chris Heintz had arrived along with ABATE 3C members Bruce Prellwitz and Fat Kat. Rachel, my daughter, had commanded the lunch and we all talked and ate until we decided to go to Klaus Lake Bar and Grill. I have to say that we were at this time concerned about the weather as it was off and on again sprinkles and light rain.

The ride to Klaus Lake was about 18 miles and we stopped at Berry lake for a quick photo. The ABATE 3C meeting was held by Bruce Prellwitz. (There was a guest appearance by Fuzzy and Lisa) The meeting was started as usual wit the flag pledge and a moment of silence for our downed Brothers and Sisters and anyone in harm's way. Bruce welcomed the BBC and I introduced the members in attendance. The normal treasurers report and review of current and future events occurred. Mariann also was asked to talk about the Share the Road experiences. The meeting was interested and we kept watch on the weather where it had stormed while we were inside. We left after about 90 minutes, a bit longer than normal.

The return ride ended up at Docs HD where everyone enjoyed ice cream, motorcycling or the small critters at Docs. Afterwards we went back to my home where we started by the fire and ended up in the garage talking smart and trying to talk Dave out of leaving at 10pm at night to ride back to Manitowoc.

Seriously members. ABATE is a classy organization that is lobbying in Madison to protect our rights including E85, Right of way violations and MC safety. Please consider joining ABATE and attend and support ABATE and establishments that support ABATE. Look me up for an ABATE membership applications. Thanks for allowing me to host this ride and event in support of ABATE of Wisconsin.