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Year of the Sidecar

July 18-20, 2014

Rockerbox 2012
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2011 BBC British Bike Night at the
Iron Horse Hotel

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Feature article about the BBC Rally on the Ultimate Motorcycling website.
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The story was written by BBC member,

Motorcycle Classics magazine now has coverage of the 2013 BBC Rally on its website.
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GARY ILMINEN Articles and Links

Check out the 2010 December issue of Rider Magazine for an article about motorcycle touring along the Lower Wisconsin River, now available free online at:
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BBC GROUP AT DAYTONA WEEK April '08, See Story and photos
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By Dan Kasper



July 4 - RTR - AMA Flat Track Races, Walworth County Fairgrounds in Elkhorn, Bill Pluess:

July 18,19+20 - BBC - THE RALLY, 34TH Annual BBC Rally, Eagle Cave WI

July 24 – BBC – BBC British Bike night at the Iron Horse

July 26th - FYI - Outdoor Fashion Show at Schlossmann Motorcycles of Milwaukee 7:45am to 9:15am see website for details

August 2 - RTR - Rockerbox Memorial Run Meet at Rick Becker's 3496 N. Murray Ave. at 1:00pm, then a short ride to arrive about 2:00 at Stonefly Brewing Co. 735 E. Center St. Food Available Contact: Rick R. Becker 414-732-4401

FUZZY'S IN TOWN PARTY Following the Stonefly gathering, early BBC member Pat Harper will host a party at his warehouse loft for "Fuzzy" and all BBC members and friends. Contact: Rick (414)-732-4401 or R. Becker

August 17 - FYI - Walneck's Woodstock Swap Meet. McHenry County Fairgrounds 11900 Country Club Rd. Woodstock, IL

August 23 - BBC - WI Motorcycle Memorial Ride starts at Pat Hanson's Leaving at 10am arrive at Memorial by 3pm. Overnight stay at local hotel.

Rally Theme Approved at Board Meeting

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Hello All and Happy New Year,

This last weekend we had our famous Meeting from Hell to set the calendar and review the last year's events. I am happy to report that we came through the year without any major bumps in the road, the March update will have the minutes of the meeting and as always I'm here for anyone to chime in on how we're doing.

For those of you that haven't already heard this is "The Year of the Sidecar" and though we do have a few that we see at the Rally we do need help getting the word out. So if you know of someone who owns one please pass an invite along.

There were some concerns of the last year that do need to be addressed that deal with our Facebook page.

1. Please remember that the Art work displayed with official messages or on our banner is owned by the Co-op and it is not ok to display it anywhere else. If you have somewhere that you believe it would be useful to display an advert for the Co-op please contact myself or Peggy and we can run it by the Board for approval in accordance with the By-Laws.

2. Our Facebook page is there to give its members the chance to communicate with each other about the lifestyle of British Motorcycling. It is not there for individuals to air out their personal beefs with other members. Honestly didn't we get enough of this crap in high school. Ok here's the bottom line, if you don't have the balls to look someone in the eye and tell them you've got a problem and decide the best way to deal is to degrade them on-line, you need to take your bike and go home. We really don't need that bullshit here, find another road to ride.

3. Politics. Keep it clean please. We have a large diverse group that is growing every day, we do not all think alike. It would be pretty boring if we did. I like a good debate as much as the next guy and those who know me would say more than that other guy, but some of the stuff out there is nothing more than demagogy and really does not have a place on a motorcycling site. So please let's keep a level of respect going on the back and forth.

We have a great group sitting around a table working very hard on making sure we have a great Rally and a good amount of events and gatherings to bring our bikes out too. We really hate having to take time to deal with things that we shouldn't have to. I am hopeful that this will be the last of this type of letter I will need to write. There's just over five months to the Rally, is your bike ready yet?

Till Next Time
Pat Hanson
British Biker Cooperative

At the annual BBC MFH planning event the Board and Officers discussed the years' schedule of events, lead by
Club President, Pat Hanson. The meeting, hosted by the Pendlell's featured tones of food and drink. There was
also a great lounge set up in John's garage shop.

BBC Meeting Ideas Needed for 2014

BBC President, Pat Hanson is looking to the membership for some new ideas for a meeting to be held in the southwestern part of the state near Janesville in the Rock County area.

The idea is to have more regular meetings held outside of the Milwaukee area or Eastern part of the state. Our members are spread throughout the state and beyond, which makes it a priority to vary our meeting locations. Most members are willing to take on a destination ride that is within 100 miles or so one-way from their homes. To do this we need to find an interesting place to meet and something to see or tour after the regular meeting is held.

If any member can step forward with an idea and is willing to coordinate the logistics, Pat would like to know. Please contact Pat Hanson or any board member with your ideas. Click on the contact page link above to email your suggestions. We really need volunteers from the membership to make our future meeting well attended and successful. Put on your thinking caps and give us a hand in making the 2014 events of the BBC fantastic and memorable.

The British Biker Cooperative (BBC)
is a unique group of individuals
dedicated to the preservation of the British motorcycle.

The BBC was established in 1977, and has remained active in all aspects of British motorcycling since. Our membership encompasses all British motorcycle enthusiasts. The collector, purist, racer, tourer, and riders of all backgrounds find contentment in our organization. Together we create a cooperative, networking the contacts, ideas and enthusiasm essential to ride and appreciate British motorcycles, most of which are virtually extinct.

The BBC is an incorporated entity governed by a Board of Directors and Officers elected biennially. Our yearly membership stands at approximately 150 plus members of which many own several British motorcycles.

BBC 2013 Bike Show Winners Featured Here

2013 Rally and Motorcycle show at
Eagle Cave, Blue River, Wisconsin.
Click on any of the above images to see more photographs of the rally, or click here.

Please send your 2013 rally photos to the web master at
We NEED Band, Awards and anything else you might have.

Annually the BBC sponsors meetings, a rally & show, a benefit, a family picnic, a dinner, and a holiday party. We also participate as the BBC in many other motorcycle related events.

We publish The British Steel - a quarterly periodical including stories, and photos of memorable events, cartoons, drawings, poetry, technical tips, and limited advertisement.

To become a BBC Member you must own a British motorcycle, represent the BBC in a respectable manner, and pay the annual dues. For more information about becoming a member, click here.

OutLine Item History of Triumph Motorcycles from 1883 to 1999


(and Important information for BBC Members)

British Biker Cooperative
Dedicated to the Preservation of the British Motorcycle

On our thirty-seventh anniversary, it is interesting to reflect on accomplishments of our fine organization.

The BBC was established with the mission to preserve the British motorcycle.

This goal has been achieved with spirit through the passion of our membership.

We sustained an interest in the vast variety of British motorcycle marques and successfully embraced a rebirth of the legendary British industry.

Our dedication to the British motorcycle has inspired and provided endless enjoyment to thousands of motorcyclists.

However, the BBC has become much more to our members, their families and friends over the years.

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